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Fábio Florencio

imagine cup: semi-finals

This game was designed to participate to Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2009. Although my team did not pass the semi-finals, this project was very important to learn how to manage our time, understand the limitations of each team member and plan our deliveries.


The game consists in guide Aline through eight levels which represent the U.N. Millennium Goals. At each stage she helps the community to solve their sustainability issues using her xylograph skill to draw the solution. The game happens inside a Cordel booklet.

2D Platformer: player needs to run and jump to advance besides to complete quests, interact with characters, collect items and overcome obstacles. Aline needs to find pieces of xylograph in the scenery and match them in the Xylo-Puzzle Mode, representing the solution of the determined Goal. At end of each level, she plays a mini-game which she prints the xylography learned in Puzzle, bringing hope to villagers.

Aline needs to articulate local community, govern or enterprises to solve issues. Also, items collected are converted in points to be used in real world. The purpose is to bring real enterprises to provide appropriations in seasonal campaigns. The players “deposit” their points in Non-Governmental Organizations. The N.G.O. that has more points at end of the campaign time will receive the appropriation.

It isn’t just a game; it’s a way to promote integration between players, enterprises and philanthropic organizations, united to turn this world a better place to live.

Gameplay instructions:

A. Commands

• Pause Menu

  • Press ESC to go to Pause Menu
  • Press UP or W BUTTON to move the menu cursor to up
  • Press DOWN or S BUTTON to move the menu cursor to down
  • Press ENTER to select an option

• Primary Gameplay Mode

  • The main objective of this mode is to reach alive the end of the level
  • To advance throught it, Aline needs to use her abilities and complete the quests given from the villagers
  1. Move
  • Press LEFT or A BUTTON to move left
  • Press RIGHT or D BUTTON to move right

• Run

  • Press twice LEFT or A BUTTON to run left
  • Press twice RIGHT or D BUTTON to run right

• Jump

  • Press UP or W BUTTON to jump

• Brush Abiliy

  • After completes the first quest (Boy’s Hat), Aline wins the ability to draw in the screen
  • Use the Mouse to move the cursor
  • Press and hold the MOUSE LEFT BUTTON to print using the brush
  • Release the MOUSE LEFT BUTTON to interrupt the brush
  • After 4 seconds the ink will flow out of the screen

• Xylo-Puzzle Mode

– The objective of this mode is to organize the pieces of the xylograph found in scenario which represents the solution to resolve one of the U.N. Millenium Goals.

– The Xylo-Puzzle Mode is the key to Aline faces the Goal Mode.

• Press P to enter in the Xylo-Puzzle mode

• While in this mode, use the mouse to move the cursor

• Press and hold the MOUSE LEFT BUTTON to drag a Xylography piece

• Release the MOUSE LEFT BUTTON to drop the Xylograph piece while the cursor is currently

• Press ESC to quit the Xylo-Puzzle Mode and resume the game

• Goal Mode

  • At the end of each level, the player will face the Goal Mode
  • The objective of this mode is to avoid obstacles and print the solution in the determined positions
    • Press UP or W BUTTON to jump
    • Press RIGHT or D BUTTON to draw the solution

B. Interface Info
• Health Points

  • Aline’s Health. When it becomes zero, Aline fails in her mission.

• Ink Metter

  • Displays the amount of ink available at Aline’s bottle. Ink is consumed when she uses the brush.

• Star Points

  • Displays the amount of Stars already collected by the player.
  1. Collectable Items

• To collect an item, just collide against it.

• Stars

  • The stars are collected into game to be used in the real world
  • When the player has a considerable amount of stars, he can “deposit” it into any of the N.G.O.'s registered.
  • The N.G.O. Which has more stars after a determined time, will receive the appropriation to help our world to reach the Millennium Goals.
  • Collect them all, and become participant of new world of hope!!

• Puzzle Pieces

  • At the first level, there are 2 collectibles pieces to be found
  • These pieces are necessary to complete the level

• Boy’s Hat

  • Quest item
  • Collecting it will guarantee one Puzzle Piece and the Brush Ability

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