Fábio Florencio

Executive Producer

Fábio Florencio

sim management

The primordial idea was to deliver a game which the players not only would have fun but learn by playing. This project had the curiosity to have shared efforts from the game studio team and the magazine’s editors.

They brought all their knowledge about how to become successful in the management of different professions, plus ideas from stores, buildings and cosmetic goods. Our job was to translate these information in a game design context, including currencies, level pacing, monetization and social engagement.

Their document of specification had around 100 pages! That was scary at the first moment, but as the game was being developed, this document became a very powerful mechanism of harmony with the game context. With it in hands, the Game Design Document could be a transliteration of their ideas applied to a game specification project and the milestones could be set.

The first idea was to have everything isometric just using 2 colors (red and white) because these are the magazine’s colors. We considered it a problem to game’s aesthetics, and we had a lot of meetings with lead artists from both sides to align how the game would looks like.

With all these details resolved, we could start the development and the project ran according to the timetable and expectations.

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